About Us

WIN365 was founded by Jagadish Prasad and Manjunath Achar in 2019, Our mission is to change the way we involve while watching the Live of our favorite sports. Being a FAN of cricket and having superior knowledge about the game we could not earn anything apart from cheering our team.

So we decided to build a platform to give an opportunity for all the sports lovers to engage themselves completely with their favorite sports.

WIN365 is platforms which provide a Fantasy Sports Game to everyone to experience the most entertaining, exciting and engaging with each and every match you watch LIVE.

All these days there was no recognition for FAN(s) and being a FAN we want to offer a platform where every FAN(s) shall be rewarded with recognition and awards in the form of prize money.

We offer a platform not just to have the best gaming experience but to build a professional career for the crazy FAN(s). We offer a platform to earn money with the passion you have for the Gams(s).

Online fantasy sports gaming (OFSG) is a form of skill-based online sports gaming where sports fans can create their own team made up of real-life players from upcoming matches and is widely played across cricket, football, kabaddi, basketball and other popular sports games. These virtual teams garner points based on the actual statistical performance of players

During the course of the real-life match and winners are determined accordingly.

The world is moving towards digital and the future of this planet so we offer a digital gaming experience to demonstrate superior knowledge about the sport(s) and be a winner(s).